Breathtaking Pastel Drawings of Greenland Fulfill Late Mother’s Dream by Zaria Forman

New York-based artist Zaria Forman has created stunning realistic drawings of Greenland’s icebergs for her late mother…












Zaria Forman


  1. You’d really have to see the photo she’s using to make that judgement. I highly doubt it’s a carbon copy. It looks like she adds her own distinct lighting to the images because it is unlikely the photos she’s using would have such consistency in lighting and mood. Perhaps *gasp* she’s actually able to combine technique and soul. In any case, I’d like to see how “soulful” YOUR artwork is so I can heap on the judgements back. As an artist myself, attitudes like this just infuriate me. I’m sure they just stem from some sort of jealousy due to lack of talent.

  2. Good is what I feel ,any other adjective is unnecessary!

  3. Cornellius Maximilianus

    March 4, 2015 at 3:34 am

    I didn’t find it breathtaking at all

  4. If this isn’t Art, I’d like to slap the person who is defining it. Art isn’t to be defined so strictly.

  5. I find it most arrogant and quite self absorbed. Not the pictures. I am talking of the Arrogance of one person judging whether or not someone else s work is what should be considered ART. Most of the “masters” of art were paid for their work in advance. A “master” carpenter can create a piece that will withstand time and fashion, can that not be ART. I believe your focus on the Souls and what is shown about one’s life , is nothing less than a peep through the keyhole of life. There is a whole door that needs to be opened, another room to be entered and even a more. That’s just my opinion. I dare not judge her work by my standards alone.

  6. Cool, no pun intended

  7. “Artistic License” is the phrase you are looking for which makes this series of work art, in only some aspects. Granted, these are photo-realistic/hyper-realistic pastel drawings of, for sure, a photo that has been taken (hopefully) by her. In terms of innovation or creativity, she shows very slim to none here and it can be determined that, by default, her artistic voice is only technique-deep, but that should also not be confused as a lack of her soul, considering it takes ages to make things look realistic as such, and that is coming from an artist themselves. Soul = Details.

  8. While technique does play a major role in this, she is clearly expressing herself. The artist puts herself in every wave, and adds some of her own mind to the icebergs. Similar if you decided to paint a canyon, and felt like adding a cactus or extra crevices, it would be your own personal flare. Though others might not recognize it to be your own touch, they might think it’s just another addition to the terrain. Hopefully you don’t think I’m sounding argumentative, just offering a different perspective,

  9. if you can’t see her soul in these, maybe you need to have some kind of meditative experience.

  10. This is technique, not art. In best case, she has some kind of meditative experience, while doing it. But it says absolutely nothing about her soul, about life, about anything. its a handpainted photo, and I hav no idea, what that is good for.

  11. looks amazing….great artist

  12. Marc Stevens Lau Ospina

    February 4, 2014 at 9:23 pm


  13. this is what free time + talent gives: great art .

  14. Great!

  15. How did you make that?

  16. Belo trabalho.

  17. Are they for sale?

  18. Amazing!

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