Spectacular 70-Year-Old Traffic Jam In A Belgian Forest

These pictures are taken in a forest in Belgium. Chatillion Car Graveyard, is the worlds largest abandoned car graveyard. The cars were left during World War II by U.S. soldiers who were stationed in southern Belgium…

Traffic-Jam-Stuck- For-70-Years-In-Belgian-Forest-1

Traffic-Jam-Stuck- For-70-Years-In-Belgian-Forest-2

Traffic-Jam-Stuck- For-70-Years-In-Belgian-Forest-3

Traffic-Jam-Stuck- For-70-Years-In-Belgian-Forest-4

Traffic-Jam-Stuck- For-70-Years-In-Belgian-Forest-5

Traffic-Jam-Stuck- For-70-Years-In-Belgian-Forest-6

Traffic-Jam-Stuck- For-70-Years-In-Belgian-Forest-7

Traffic-Jam-Stuck- For-70-Years-In-Belgian-Forest-8

Traffic-Jam-Stuck- For-70-Years-In-Belgian-Forest-9

Traffic-Jam-Stuck- For-70-Years-In-Belgian-Forest-10

Traffic-Jam-Stuck- For-70-Years-In-Belgian-Forest-11

Images Via Rosanne de Lange | via amusing planet


  1. litter bugs

  2. The Great King Beleth

    July 23, 2014 at 4:45 am

    Regardless, most of those vehicles aren’t WW2 era. The 1302 VW Beetle

    was sold in the 70’s.

    That is the bug shown in the pictures. Prior beetles had similar design but didn’t have the same body or engine.

  3. You have never seen The Love Bug? that’s a 60s film. VW Beetles started to be mass produced in the 40’s.

  4. The Great King Beleth

    July 22, 2014 at 4:52 pm

    VW Beetles are 70’s model vehicles.

  5. Suzanne Pellicer Fogleman

    July 19, 2014 at 2:33 pm

    This is not accurate. These cars are not old enough to be from WWII.
    From other sites I have learned that these cars are just part of a
    regular junk yard that someone had put together to sell the parts. Has
    nothing to do with US Military. The story above is just an urban myth
    that is being passed around on the internet. One person makes up a cool
    story, then many people run with it without checking for accuracy.

    The photos are very cool though.

  6. amazing

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