Social Benches by Jeppe Hein


Incredible design of  benches by artist Jeppe Hein…

Jeppe Hein


Concept incroyable de bancs par l’artiste Jeppe Hein…

Jeppe Hein


  1. not all of them

  2. it’s nice to see these pieces;)

  3. That ‘s great design, for close look and awesome !

  4. Really?

  5. lololololol.

  6. No, but they should be mildly accessible and not insanely dangerous. That high one? Come on.

  7. No, I can understand the meaning, I just think the proportions are all wrong and awkward as hell. I think they could have used human proportions better, because, after all, humans designing a social experiment should design for the users – aka humans.

  8. Actually, no. Art is meant to be judged. Have you ever honestly thought about anything without judging it on some level? If you say no, then you aren’t a human, because judgement is human instinct.

  9. YA lol… that one that’s wicked high up with the little girls on it seems like it’s just asking for an injury.

  10. Do you even design bro? Cuz if you worked as one, you would rescind that comment, stat. They make crap money.

  11. You’re home benches, go drunk!

  12. And here you are living de magic of those benches with out even seeing them in real life.

  13. Ok here’s an ice breaker for you with an “antisocial bench”: aren’t these normal benches great for sitting on? Which happens to be their main purpose? They are not comfortable but at least you don’t have to climb on something just to sit on a slanted piece of wood…

  14. Because we don’t have benches to sit on?

  15. I don’t think they just left these as the only benches to sit on. Seems like you need to remember what art is.

  16. You must be one of those people who thinks art has a limit, and for that, I don’t think I understand you one bit. Then again, as an artist myself, I’m glad I do not understand your negative views on something so wonderful. There is NEVER any harm in creating art in any form. It’s meant to make you think, not to judge.

  17. the amount of people that don’t understand what making something “social” means is astounding..

  18. creativity very nice.

  19. Waste of money and time. Real benches would actually be useful.

  20. Charlotte Delforge

    August 15, 2013 at 11:12 am

    guessing (because of the background) the Belgian coast… Checked it and it’s part of a Triennial art expo named “Beaufort” indeed along the Belgian coast.

  21. nice benches!

  22. Amazing benches!! Well done designers!! A lot of people cant understand the meaning of this design.

  23. Go drunk benches, you’re home!

  24. The comments are more interesting then this post 😀

  25. For gods sake, how many people cant understood… THEY ARE NOT MEANT TO BE USEFUL

  26. Yep, these are so meant to be the benches of the future…

  27. Im so sorry that you find art pretentious, please explain what is pretentious about it?

  28. Personally I see all these designs useless , I mean the high benches and the uncomfortable chairs are beyond the necessary needs of setting ^___^

  29. they are really cool! I think its a great way of playing with the social conceptions of what things should be like. Approaching the concept of a bench and the uses people give it might unravel a new and unexpected bench model. its like giving an empty box to a kid; they sure as hell are gonna find a lot more to do with it than store something.
    I guess some people don´t like progress and rather be still sitting on a rock…

  30. dont feed the idiots they are useless messy walking filed with nasty bacteria . Who set that this art looks like the benches are benches? that is just and only art and the way u use it is just your way right? i like it.

  31. Mashkoor Ahmed

    May 11, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    it is for watch,i think it is not very useful for daily use

  32. jadesmith002

    May 9, 2013 at 4:44 am

    it is for watch,i think it is not very useful for daily use

  33. scarlettohara

    May 8, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    Another example of useless art!

  34. They’re great, but when I’m outside looking for a bench I’m not looking for a social hangout, I’m looking for a fucking place to sit! 🙂

  35. Johnny Kronaz

    May 6, 2013 at 11:06 am

    Thanks for making me scroll to the top of the page and then count the pics one by one to find out which one you were talking about. It’s not like they’re numbered or anything, so that means you also counted, you obnoxious twat.

  36. bcnhes, durnk hmoe y’ruoe go!

  37. disqus_SUg8thp3q2

    May 3, 2013 at 4:32 am

    It’s a social/psychological experiment designed to manipulate patterns of human interaction. Ordinary functionality was not the aim of this project. There are plenty of regular benches out there already.

  38. d) expect that art often isn’t appreciated by dolts like you

  39. you must be a blast at parties

  40. Home you’re Benches, drunk go!

  41. It will make them tougher in the long run.

  42. Go home drunk, you’re benches!

  43. When design render the object useless

  44. Great place to make friends!

  45. Don’t feed the pigeons. They are useless messy flying rats filled with nasty bacteria that can kill children.

  46. I like. Ahyess.

  47. If designers during human history wouldn’t have make common things more pleasant, interesting or visual attractive, you guys probably would still live in caves sitting on a rock. So please, shut up the stupidity in your comments and enjoy the temporary art that indeed bring people to the bench to try-out and therefore is social.

  48. what a load of unpleasant nasty pretentious bullshit

  49. If I lived there I would be pissed. “Why the f**k they gotta be changin the benches all the time! I try to feed the pigeons or take my dog for a walk and there’s nowhere to sit but these impractical tourist attractions! It’s art!! Don’t replace real things with art!” haha

  50. Go home benches, you’re drunk!

  51. disqus_ckXLJHeXjo

    February 23, 2013 at 12:05 am

    Number 11 is on the roof of the Auckland Art Gallery. And yes, you can sit on it. Just not all of it.

  52. they look sort of dangerous 😐 kids would try to play on them and break their necks…

  53. You forgot to add, c) probably make more money than you

  54. I’m convinced that designers a) Spend a lot of time standing b) are illiterate (ever seen a bookshelf by a designer that can hold more than 5 picture books?)

  55. dude… SOCIAL benches. They start conversation because they’re so ridiculous.

  56. You’re useless for sitting on, Captain Obvious.

  57. All these benches are useless for sitting on.

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