Silent But Violent By Anna Burns And Michael Bodiam

London-based Artist Anna Burns collaborated with photographer Michael Bodiam to create a stunning series entitled “Silent But Violent” inspired by the nuclear mushroom cloud, using playful objects such balloons, flowers, fruit and marbles…

Silent-But-Violent-Mushroom Clouds-AnnaBurns-1

Silent-But-Violent-Mushroom Clouds-AnnaBurns-2

Silent-But-Violent-Mushroom Clouds-AnnaBurns-3

Silent-But-Violent-Mushroom Clouds-AnnaBurns-4

Silent-But-Violent-Mushroom Clouds-AnnaBurns-5

Anna Burns Michael Bodiam via designboom

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  1. Beautiful! As much as I love the color and energy of the Mushrooms, I think the backgrounds are actually what draws me in. Very interesting.

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