Powerful and Creative Ads

Great series of creative and powerful ads…

Clever Ads Billboard


  1. Hehe… awesome creativity..

  2. “The sooner you advertise here, the better” Very funny ad

  3. superb creativity and i would say best for sharing

  4. interplaycouture

    June 28, 2014 at 8:30 pm

    I love the big dudes. The yoga was great. But the cigarette smoking was powerful.

  5. all ads are great stuff…marvellous

  6. brokenheart33

    May 20, 2014 at 11:36 pm

    I think the mug with the face is effective and brilliant…

  7. Caraman-Gabriel-Daniel

    November 5, 2013 at 6:18 am

    Nice,verry nice

  8. Great Guerrillas ever!

  9. can i get a mug like the last one with rhianna’s face? send it to chris brown as a gag gift.

  10. Baby Nursery Decor, Themes, Design Ideas – Project Nursery

  11. creative minds here. Ive alway’s looked for ways to get people (eyes) on and to make a connection. Great collection.

  12. really creative and amazing adds ……

  13. Yeah… super funny. I thought it was just one, but scrolling down I realized it was a series of images.


  15. شمس الدين ياسين صالح قاسم

    June 22, 2013 at 1:24 am

    أتمنااا أن اكون مصمم محترف مثل المصممين العمالقة في التصميم

  16. Hai…I am so horney everytime I open my pc…

  17. Nice advertise .have new something to knowledge for gather.

  18. why on earth would the straw be paper? it would then be unusable, and thrown away without a second thought. if they can actually be used, it increases the chances of them being seen more often, and of the advertisement’s message to stick.

  19. hello
    h r u
    ur ok

  20. hello h r u

  21. i like this images … amazing

  22. I loved the ad with the Big Dude too!

  23. I think this is cool

  24. the straw is very cleaver and low cost so can be distributed effectively, though it should be paper not (it looks) plastic. Would like a bit of info with pictures…

  25. Love the ad space advert!

  26. Advertising at its best. The yoga straw is ingenious!

  27. “If anyone here is in marketing or advertising, kill yourself. “

  28. I’ve seen more ads creative than this list of Ads. Anyway, Nice collection of Creative Ad Ideas

  29. nice post…thanks for sharing..

  30. I like the beer mug with the face, I want my ex face on one.

  31. Very creative and imaginative, some ingraving in your mind! I liked each one of them!

  32. I think it is, but it’s a bad one

  33. spektakuler !

  34. ahhahaha Nice Nice imagination 🙂

  35. adverstising of victims is great…!

  36. The big guy adds are awesome, makes me want to advertise something right now 😉

  37. slumber to thumbs forbes just like an ability to stumble up on….

  38. e aim technologies

    March 26, 2013 at 6:12 am

    whats the wonder way of addvertise guys to attract anyone on the road

  39. we do air conditioning in Miami and these stats are great!

  40. Awesome! Sooner is better 🙂

  41. think out side the triangle !

  42. omg the one with the beer mug was the most imaginative o:

  43. very funny

  44. Definitely some entertaining advertisements for sure, also very cleaver and along with being aesthetically pleasing they put a smile on faces

  45. This was fun, love homer eating all them donuts!

  46. yes its super duper ads … funny plus horror plus ugly 😀

  47. Sincere thanks to Radio2 lol 😀

  48. I also liked straw.

  49. Some of these are sheer genious!

  50. Man with durex add thumb up 🙂

  51. the one of the pizza… i don’t think is a good idea, it kills the appetite

  52. No it’s about flowers and butterflies.

  53. Very creative!

  54. hmm amazing ads

  55. Loved everything in this post =)

  56. Amazing, and very funny the advertise with the big guy in the sign, lol

  57. is the last one about not getting drunk and beating your wife?

  58. Офигенная реклама!!!)))
    it’s super cool!!)))

  59. is the last one about not getting drunk and beating your wife?

  60. very interesting, I love the escalator

  61. The yoga straw? Freakin’ brilliant!

  62. Smoking one was awesome.

  63. The advertise here sign with the big dude=hilarious

  64. Awesome ads! Love the Gillette one!

  65. Loved that one with the nonsmoking ad in the book!

  66. quite a nice little collection

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