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Red Lips


More : http://watercolor-art.tumblr.com

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The Geodo modular toy set consists of only 10 shapes that allow the creation of an endless variety of things, from architecture, to imaginative clothing and accessories.



Made of foam, each piece can flex and bend to form off-the-grid creations that pop out in all directions. The shapes are big, and it’s not just about making things, but how they are made. Building with Geodos is like using an imaginary shape synthesizer where your modular components fit together to make things you would have never thought of before. This allows you to take the smallest discovery and run wild with it.

05 03

Read more at http://geodotoy.tumblr.com/

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Flatlight is a  2D contemporary candleholder made to trick the eye into seeing it as a 3D form. The design resembles a classical candeholder stripped down to its most basic wireframe form . It is a functional design piece with a twist that merges the 2D & 3D worlds.

The candeholder was created with a photochemical etching process to ensure high definition design details and is made from 0.4mm thick brass.

The project is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter







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IMG_0900 copie“Frozenkult”

Je me nomme Movsæky, Valentin de mon vrais prénom. J’ai 18 ans et

je suis étudiant en art. Je suis adepte du “photographisme” un mélange

donc, de photo et de graphisme. L’alliance de photo et de dessin. J’utilise

cet technique pour montrer mes deux savoir faire (et passion) en même

temps. J’aime faire passer des émotions à travers mes réalisations, par les

couleurs et leurs symboliques etc.


Earth II“Earth II”

Or noir - Blanc pétrole“Or noir – blanc pétrole”


Le garçon de la nuit“Le garçon de la nuit II”


For more :

My Flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/67785719@N07/

My FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/Movsaeky

My Tumblr : http://movsaeky.tumblr.com/

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In 2010 I visited Turkey, travelled around the country and fell in love with the culture. What I learned is that the most important thing to do is to be good. People I met showed me respect and kindness – no prejudice, no stereotypes, no aggression. I left part of my soul there promising I will come back one day! Look at all these faces of joy, happiness, sadness, innocence and relieve – they are all human beings and they have story to tell. Feel the emotion behind the contrast of the european and asian cultures.

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“Chess Portraits” by Francesco Ridolfi:

“Often, inside each one of us, opposing drives make themselves felt and alternate within as light illuminates and shadow darkens our minds. Black and White. Good plays Evil. Chess figures offer an opportunity to explore this dualism. They provide a set of archetypes that convey different aspects of human nature.
They throw us into relief; they highlight us in shadow and light. Blacks and Whites.”
“Chess Portraits” it’s a series of 12 images by Francesco Ridolfi, Italian photographer who now lives in Belgium.
Here you can find a few, but if you want to take a look at the entire project, here is the website:


Chess Portraits - Queen White


Chess Portraits - Queen Black

Chess Portraits - King White Chess Portraits - King Black Chess Portraits - Bishop White Chess Portraits - Bishop Black

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Hi! i linked you my new project about CAM.

Cam, Cam, the child’s world, is one of the most important companies for baby products in Italy.

Creative Concept: In relation withe two previous creative concepts (LOOKING AT THE WORLD THROUGH CHILDREN’S EYES and CURIOOSITY) in wich the children’s fantasyand the curiosity of babies become the leading themes of our illustrations, we came up with GROW UP. Jobs from different point of view: The fantastic sight of the babies.


Thank you,

MatteoCam_tailor Cam-fashion-designer Cam_fisherman Cam_parking-valet Cam_doctor


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./birdiestudio3_birdie_10 studio3_birdie_04 studio3_birdie_03 studio3_birdie_02  studio3_birdie_08 studio3_birdie_06 studio3_birdie_05 studio3_birdie_section

In Spring 2013, the ./studio3 (Institute for Experimental Architecture, Innsbruck – Prof.Volker Giencke) realized, in collaboration with columbosnext and the Heart of Noise Festival, the accessible architectural installation “./birdie – Cry baby!”.

Within only two months, 36 first-year students completed this 1:1 architecture project – from idea to conception, from a sketch to a built environment, from prototype to structure.

By developing the project ./birdie the students managed to transform an unused green space in the heart of the city into a visible and tangible new site. As a physical infrastructure, a stage and a conceptual space ./birdie evokes discussion about this specific urban site and public space in general.

75 truss joints and 270 steel tubes form the 16m long roof; 3 tons of steel were bolted to an irregular space frame; underneath a textile skin was stretched giving ./birdie its horizon.
The floor responds to the soft curve of the roof membrane with a slightly curved landscape, which was built using a simple planked wood stud construction. All elements were prefabricated by the students and assembled on site.

During the summer the students run the pavilion, initiate events and generate a new venue for everyone. When ./birdie illuminates and starts to sing, it acts as a magnet.

Local residents meet tourists, high culture meets subculture -./birdie is a vibrant interface, nestled in the middle of the ancient city ensemble of Innsbruck, with the Imperial Palace and the National Theatre.
If a passerby enters ./birdie they become the protagonist, ./birdie becomes the stage, the urban environment becomes the auditorium. While resting under the large translucent roof, one can see birdie breathing in the wind.  And as the sunlight shines through, the shadows illuminate the complex construction behind it.

Only its 11 ground anchors prevent ./birdie from taking off.

“Space is only noise that you can see.” Nicolas Jaar


students: Baldauf Juliana, Basbuga Dilan, Bazzanella Ilenia, Beetz Barbara, Braun Tanja, Buchner Josef, Claßen Jan,  Coban Gülsüm, Dengg Harald, Enzinger Korbinian,  Fahrner Tim,  Gasser Christine , Geist Florian , Grießer Anja,  Halder Moritz, Hasani Merita, Heibach Brigitte, Hermann Leo, Homan Ann-Mari Monika, Kammerlander Peter, Kirchmair Andreas,  Kroiß Verena , Markl Martin , Moskvin Aleksey , Muller Gilles,  Munari Valentina,  Prieth Bernhard,  Roppelt Florian,  Schelkle Maximilian,   Schümann Malina,  Schwarz Charly,  Ster Svetlana,  Stoque Fabien,  Stremmel Carmen,  Turcan Ana,  Wenzel Moritz

./studio 3: Prof.Volker Giencke, Christian Dummer,  Ferdinand Fritz, Andreas Hörl, Valerie Messini, Walter Prenner, Verena Rauch, Simone Rautschek, Pia Sandner, Teresa Stillebacher


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The target audience of the brand Stylista is young people eagerly experimenting with style, seeking novelty, as collections are dinamically changing preserving the whole general canvas of the brand. This resembles caleidoscope. From it we could get the brightest content having given new sounding to familiar ingredients. Geometrical figures became main stabilizing element of brand identification. Their numerous combinations within the framework of the style will never bore the customer.

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Vineet Radhakrishnan is a self-taught digital mixed media artist and photographer who grew up in India.  He started creating montages as it let him fully express himself creatively for the first time in his life.  He uses a mixture of photograph compositing and digital painting to create his artwork.  His inspirations come from daily life, dreams and from parts of his mind he frequently has no idea about. His work is a combination of photo-manipulation and digital painting. These images are from his new series “The Surreal Project” inspired by the works of René Magritte and plays on many fantasy and other worldly themes that are inspired from memories, emotions  and reflections on the world around him.  When he gets time to unwind himself from his fantasy world, Vineet is a professional fashion and portrait photographer working out of Paris and Bangalore, India. You can see more of his art and professional work at his website or follow him on follow him on Flickr, 500px or Facebook.

Website: http://www.vineetradhakrishnan.com/

500px: http://500px.com/vineetradhakrishnan

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/vineetradhakrishnanphotography

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vineetradhakrishnan/


“A Fine Frenzy”

A Fine Frenzy

“A Childhood Nightmare”

A Childhood Nightmare

Television Pemonition


An Unexpected Visitor

An unexpected visitor



Information Overload

Information Overload

The Unknown


Never Easy to Let Go of Loved Ones

Loved Ones - Difficult to Let Go

One Moonlit Night

One Moonlit Night

Sphere of Terror

Sphere of Terror

Tears from Heaven

Tears from Heaven

The End

The End

Clocking In

W Clocking In

Looking Sharp!

W Looking Sharp


W Poof!

Weighty Problems

Weighty Problems

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