Fallen Princesses by Dina Goldstein

Great photo series titled “Fallen Princesses” by Dina Goldstein…

Dina Goldstein


  1. Wow, you just made yourself look super awesome. I’m sorry, but a 14 year old girl sold to an adult man is being raped the second they have ‘relations’ as it were, regardless if its kidnapping, trafficking, “solicitation” (use a word like that to make it sounds “ok” if you like but it never will be).
    And Morgan may have a point but in reality, “You can’t make a problem go away by ignoring it” – Mr. Actual History ,.. and anyone who’s been directly affected by racism will tell you it’s not something you can just “not talk about”. Do you think the civil rights movement was a bunch of people ignoring racist people? As long as there are still people being affected by racism (and there are), people need to talk about it until it’s solved and sick minds are healed. It has only been a short time since some people could even own land, a short time – I think that says we still have some talking to do.

  2. Thats not rape, thats just child solicitation…Sorry, but you need to fix your definition of rape.

    As for everyone else’s words on here. In the wise words of Mr. Morgan Freeman “If you want to stop racism, stop talking about it”

  3. Whimsy Enrapture

    February 8, 2013 at 3:21 am

    Can’t Black Americans shut the hell up about race? Jesus. We have equality, but look at how we’re using it. How about our “brothers” stop selling drugs and get a damn education?
    Also, Africans don’t HAVE princesses. DUH. So maybe that’s WHY there aren’t black princesses.
    I’m mixed, my father is African and my mother is Native American/German. If we weren’t “envisioned” (what ever the hell that means) I wouldn’t exist and my grandfather would have shot and killed my father.
    Stop whining.

  4. haha the company did but Disney himself did. Also that movie wasn’t really void of racism so you have a bad point there

  5. This is disturbingly hilarious. Great imagination.

  6. Um… Disney created the show: “The Princess and the Frog” and the princess in the story is black.

  7. First of all, we are all Americans.

  8. She was basically sold to Smith by her father, and she was 14, sounds like rape to me.

  9. The one of rapunzel is really sad…. 🙁

  10. And I have one final thing to add….


  11. So….Where do you get your historical facts about Pocohontas’s story being a “rape” story?

  12. AMEN! People just twist whatever they want into a racist act so they can use it for their own selfish ends.

  13. Yep.

    People, just shut up about racism. Everything can be made into racism if you squeeze it and twist it enough. People just need to realize that the only way to get over racism is to look at people not as just people with different skin colors, but to look at them with the love of Christ; yep, I totally just said that.

    You see, Christianity is one of few religions where outside appearance does not matter. Jesus could care less if you were black, or white, or pink, or blue; it’s what goes on in the heart and mind that matter…

    So get over the fact that some of us have less melanin per cm^2 in our skin, and some of us have more. It really doesnt matter

    And Black people can be just as racist as white people, so stop having this mindset of pre-1868 Southern United States…..

    And finally, stop fussing about slavery in the US. We can do one thing about racism in the US during the 1800’s: Absolutely NOTHING.

    Maybe we should focus on the 27 million enslaved peopel in the world today….

  14. Great creative concept, perfectly visualized. I loved it, Dina.

  15. Christopher Cooper

    January 25, 2013 at 4:29 am

    To everyone screaming racism, look up all the characters on google and you will find out they are stories that come out of Europe with the exceptions of Pocahontas and Jasmin from Aladdin. Correct me if I am wrong but during those times it was a vastly white population, especially in France, Germany and Holland where most of these were written. So to say its white Americans not envisioning black Americans is not true. I am of Irish and Native American descent and proud to be both and it troubles me when people automatically go to the extreme because they do not see what they wish. If you don’t like something, quit whining and do something about it. You have a voice. Use it where it counts.

  16. Yeah, that’s right – everyone is racist. Everything is racist. Racist racist – the whole world is RACIST.

  17. You don’t understand obviously. Disney is a historically racist company, started by an overtly racist man. You cannot base “American artists” or Americans on Disney any more than Americans can base middle eastern people on Taliban. It would be horribly misinformed to do so, if you knew Disney, you would know that having any race not white is in fact progress for the company, hence why I pointed out that not everyone is white. If you want to get in me about semantics and political correctness, eat it, I am American Indian and I will never watch Pocahontas, although it was an effort by Disney to include more people, they turned a rape story into a romance. Basically, never use popular main stream American art as a basis for your argument,

  18. you do realize how stupid “there is a Saudi and American Indian Girl in those pics.”. sounds?.
    my comment still stands can white american (artist) ever envision black americans?

  19. It’s Disney for one, not “americans” and there is a Saudi and American Indian Girl in those pics.. get over yourself.

  20. can white americans ever envision black americans?

  21. Nice.. Awesome

  22. Awesome work.

  23. Lourika Reinders

    December 15, 2012 at 9:17 am

    I love people with this kind of Imagination!!!!!

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