Death-Defying Photos by Vadim Mahorov


Russian photographer Vadim Mahorov scales monuments and other structures to capture absolutely breathtaking perspectives for his photos…

Vadim Mahorov


Le photographe russe Vadim Mahorov escalade des monuments et d’autres structures pour capturer des perspectives et des photos à couper le souffle…

Vadim Mahorov


  1. It may be they are well organised and have a safety team and/or harnesses hidden from shot, but if they were, surely it would mention it in the article. I think it’s fairly safe to assume there is little regard for safety here, it’s kids wanting kicks. Publishing this sort of material in the form presented here is irresponsible. These are no more ‘cool’ or amazing than if someone took a GoPro and jumped off the 10th floor without a parachute. It’s not the least bit inspiring – lacking anything meaningful in life and needing to risk it foolishly to capture images to show off is idiotic.

    The real story here is about life as a young Russian.

  2. Impressionanti…

  3. I have a fear of heights and most of these photos made me dizzy and nauseous! I don’t know if to be in awe of these young people or think they are just plain stupid! (No safety harnesses or other climbing gear.)

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